Martial Arts @ Brandt

What We Teach

Brandt Fitness & Self Defense in Downtown Fort Worth offers a combination of traditional Tae Kwon Do and basic self-defense techniques in each class. A good martial artist is proficient at kicking, punching, and close range/grappling techniques. All aspects are focused on together in order to give students the best results.

In a children’s martial arts class, the main focus is on building self-control and confidence. Self-defense is taught in children’s classes, but is not the main focus. All younger students have to be doing well in school (and teachers are contacted) in order to be eligible to test for their next belt ranking. Classes are fun and structured so your child learns the disciplines involved while having a great time and making friends.

Our adult/family classes are for all ages. More attention is spent on the aspects of self-defense and fitness in these classes. We create an atmosphere that is fun, safe, and effective. At Brandt Fitness & Self Defense, we teach students techniques and traits that carry over into any aspect of life–therefore creating stronger, more confident individuals who can better serve our society.

We offer one on one or small group sessions taught by fifth-degree master instructor Kyle Brandt. He can cover basic self-defense tactics, women’s self-defense, competition fighting techniques, weapons skills and more.

Classes are $100/month. We offer a 15 percent discount with one-year contract on auto-draft. Please give us a call or send an email to for more information!