CrossFit @ Brandt

What is Crossfit?

“Typically the worlds best athletes are minimalists when it comes to their training. They work hard and fast with few exercises. They master the fundamentals and work with them for years. This is the secret that no one wants to hear.”

Greg Glassman Founder of CrossFit

Here at Brandt, we are a family!


CrossFit, by definition, is “fitness that is broad, general and inclusive.” People from all walks of life can enjoy and benefit from CrossFit. No matter how old or young you are, how fit or “out of shape” you consider yourself or what your personal fitness goals are, Brandt CrossFit can accommodate your needs. When you come to a class at Brandt, you will be coached and cheered on by other members and will leave with a sense of belonging.

Functional Fitness

CrossFit involves functional movements performed at high intensity and for short durations. It is essentially the combination of bodyweight exercise, gymnastics and Olympic lifting. Our trainers are here to challenge and motivate you while ensuring proper technique and safety. Basic exercises like squats, push-ups, pull ups, sit-ups and more will be performed in various sequences and with varying amounts of weight. All can benefit from CrossFit, including triathletes, sport-specific athletes, martial artists, police officers, firefighters, military personnel, elderly individuals, and people who have never exercised.


Everything you need to begin your journey to better fitness.

Why Choose Brandt?

We take a whole person approach covering form, safety, rest, nutrition and improvement while taking personal goals into consideration. No matter if your goal is to lose weight, tone up, build muscle mass, perform in CrossFit or lifting competitions, or just improve your fitness, we can help.

We offer reasonable pricing plans to help you meet your goals without breaking the bank. The first class is always free & we offer a discount to firefighters, teachers, police and military. Please feel free to call us with any questions!

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